Our Services

1. Immigration services: 

  •        Advice on Immigration to Bulgaria and advice on acquisition  of
           Bulgarian/EU residence and citizenship;
  •        Bulgarian Immigration Investor Program;
  •        Facilitating the application process for immigration purposes;
  •        Liaising with central and local authorities;
  •        Interpretation and submission of official documents;
  •        Legal representation before an Immigration Authorities.

2. Business and legal services

  •        Incorporating of Bulgarian companies. Opening of Bank account via                         Power of Attorney;
  •        Providing business addresses for incorporated Bulgarian companies;
  •        Tax registration and tax compliance; 
  •        Representation in Commercial disputes;
  •        Help with finding local Bulgarian business partner; 
  •        Advice on business contracts and Joint venture agreements;
  •        Setting up IT and legal Outsourcing. Full employment and                              regulatory compliance.

3. Advice and representation in buying and selling Real Estates in Bulgaria

  •         advice on an acquisition of Bulgarian agricultural and commercial land,           residential and industrial plots for construction projects,  buildings and         Residential  and commercial properties;
  •         Due Diligence on a Vendor, builder, party in a contract for an                         acquisition of property or business;
  •         Advice on Facility agreement, advice on Preliminary contracts for real             estates acquisition;
  •         Execution on behalf of the client of a final contract for real estate                   acquisition (Notary deed) via Power of Attorney;
  •         Facilitation and advice on optaining a mortgage and securitization for           commercial and residential property transactions;
  •         Liaising with a loan providers including banks, intermediaries and other         financial institutions;